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While fascinated with Direct Marketing before his first job in the industry, Mel Collins started selling ad space professionally in 1971. Back then, the field was called Mail Order.

Over a period of almost 40 years he owned his own mail order companies, advertising agencies, wrote copy, bought space, brokered lists, printing, fulfillment and represented (either as a direct employee or a commissioned rep), over 100 domestic trade and consumer magazines, 250 foreign newspapers, 80 foreign consumer magazines and 80 foreign radio and TV stations. Additionally he conceived of and published bound and free standing inserts in Magazines and Newspapers circulated throughout the USA.

He also developed fully measured coupon and sampling promotions for more than 125 consumer packaged goods brands and companies... distributing over 4 billion dollars in redemption value coupons and over 6 million samples.
His success was based on the success of his clients. As a result he learned how to make media work, whatever the vehicle.

Recognizing a need among marketers for DM services, he established Persuade, Inc. in 2010. Persuade is a catalyst positioned to connect marketers with experts in all facets of Direct Marketing. From writers to speakers to consultants and more, Persuade serves traditional direct marketers in creating or improving measured sales in the consumer and trade markets.

Persuade also assists CPG companies in building brands through development of measured, value added programs to stimulate trial among non users, increase involvement and sales with existing customers, expand market share, accelerate retail turns and reward loyalty.

Check out Persuade Inc

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